Ep #9: Mars - Watch This Space

NASA, SpaceX, and Mars One are all scrabbling to get to the red planet. To understand why, I speak with a Mars One candidate and two co-founders of a satellite startup. What’s the overview effect? How do you build a PocketQube? And will humans really become an interplanetary species?

[00:00 - Josh's story / 11:05 - The space economy (ft. Picosat Systems) / 36:25 - Mars 2031]


Josh Richards is one of 100 astronaut candidates for Mars One's 2031 mission to permanently colonise Mars. His background is in physics, with a full spectrum of experience ranging from front-line military units to stand-up comedy. Currently, he is speaking about Mars One's mission, leadership, and small group dynamics in schools & corporate events throughout Australia, Europe, and the US. 

Conrad Pires (CEO) and Stuart McAndrew (CTO) are tech entrepreneurs. Together, they founded Picosat Systems, a small-satellite solutions company. By bringing satellite hardware, systems, and services to different industries, Picosat Systems takes advantage of the small satellite revolution to accelerate space-led innovation on Earth.